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Team Track & Field Pictures 

  • Who:  All BOY Track & Field Athletes
  • When:  Friday, May 3rd
  • Time:  3:00pm
  • Location:  CMJH

Please wear your uniform.

Track & Field Locker



Jonathan D. Ogg – wk.#475-6120 (ext.#122) –

Pat Engleright – wk.#475-6120 (ext.#152) –



Track is a team sport that builds confidence, endurance, and success both on the field and in the classroom.  If you give 100% in practice and have a positive attitude, there is nothing you can’t accomplish.



Boys Track & Field Informational Meeting

(Athletes ONLY)

Thursday, February 28, 2019 @ (2:10pm...@ ACCESS)

Location:  CMJH - Classic Gym

****Parent Meeting is on Thursday, March 21, 2019 (4:10pm) @ CMHS - track bleachers



Registration for Track & Field 

The registration window for track & field is the week of March 4-8th.  Please pick-up (@ CMJH front office) or download ALL required forms and complete/turn-in to the front office.  All forms and the athletic fee need to be PAID before students can participate in track & field.



Parent Meeting

Thursday, March 21, 2019 @ 4:15pm

Location:  Cheyenne Mountain HS (at boy's track practice bleachers)





Participating Schools


4/8 - Monday        

@ Cheyenne Mountain HS (starts @ 3:15pm)              

(CMJH, Carmel, Fountain, Mountain Vista)


4/16 - Tuesday         

@ Watson JH   (starts @ 3:15pm)                                   

(CMJH, Horizon, Watson)


4/22 - Monday  

@ Cheyenne Mountain HS  (starts @ 3:15pm)                        

(CMJH, Panorama, Sproul)


4/29 - Monday - CANCELED

@ Vista Ridge HS (starts @ 3:30pm)

(CMJH, Mountain Vista, Skyview


5/7 - Tuesday

@ Carson MS (starts @ 3:45pm)

(CMJH, Carson, Skyview)




5/11 (Saturday)   

@ LEAGUE MEET – Harrison HS

TIME - 9:00 - 3:30pm

***All Athletes MUST ride the bus from CMJH....bus LEAVES @ 7:15am***

(All participating League Schools)




Order of Track Events during the Meet:


  • 1600M Run

  • 110M Hurdles

  • 100M

  • 800M Relay (4x200M)

  • 400M

  • 400M Relay (4x100M)

  • 800M

  • 200M

  • 1600M Relay (4x400M)


Order of Events

FIELD (G=Girls and B=Boys)


High Jump - 7G, 8G, 7B, 8B


Long Jump - 7B & 8B (first 90 min. of meet),

7G & 8G (second 90 min. of meet)


Triple Jump - 7B & 8B (first 90 min. of meet),

7G & 8G (second 90 min. of meet)


Shot Put - 7G & 8G (first 90 min. of meet),

7B & 8B (second 90 min. of meet)


Discus - 7G & 8G (first 90 min. of meet),

7B & 8B (second 90 min. of meet)



The boy’s track season is March 19 – May 11, 2019Practice will begin on Tuesday, March 19, 2019 at the JH.  On March 19th we will be handing out uniforms, explaining practice expectations & safety, and Q&A. Pick-up will be at Cheyenne Mountain HS @ 4:30pm. 

In order for your athlete to be eligible to practice the following forms MUST be turned in

**Completed Athletic Registration Packet

**Current Physical (Physicals are good for 1-year)

**$55 athletics Track & Field fee, checks made payable to CMJH


If your son has already participated on an athletic team this year, he will ONLY need to pay the $55 athletic fee.  ALL other information is on file.


******A downloadable copy of all required forms can be found on the CMJH Athletics Website "general information" - scroll down to the bottom of the page for a list/copy of each pdf form.

Upon completion of all required forms listed above, your student becomes ELIGIBLE for practice.  NO STUDENT MAY PRACTICE until ALL forms have been completed and turned in.

As a team, we rely on each other and expect your attendance and effort each and everyday.  Unexcused absences will result in missing the next meet.  More than 3 unexcused absences will result in dismissal from the track & field team.  This will not only affect you, but ALL members of your team.


Practice will begin at 3pm at Cheyenne Mountain High School and will end at 4:30pm:


****Parents – Runners will be unsupervised on their walk up to the high school track.  If you are uncomfortable with this, you may make other arrangements to get your athlete to CMHS.




We have a 3-STRIKES rule. We are here to work hard and practice.  Horseplay, messing around and not doing what a coach asks you to do…..will result in you being dismissed from practice.  If you are dismissed 3 x times, you will be removed from the TEAM.

DRESS CODE applies to practice.  All athletes MUST wear school approved shirts, shorts, and shoes at all times.

NO PARENTS may be on the field.  Parents are welcome to watch practices from the bleachers, BUT are not allowed on the track or field during practice and/or meets

You MUST have 5-PRACTICES completed before you are eligible for your first meet.

BRING WATER to practice every day!



ACADEMICS BEFORE ATHLETICS!  School comes FIRST….If you are having trouble in one of your classes, meet with your teacher after school.  Bring a NOTE to practice signed by your teacher.  You will become INELIGIBLE for the weeks upcoming meet if you have 1 or more F’s.

NUTRITION & WATER - You will need to eat healthy while you run on the team and especially the night before a meet.  Limit your soda and junk food intake.  Drink lots of water and bring a water bottle with you to practice every day!

CLOTHING - We run in any weather.  Watch the weather report each evening and come prepared.  If there is lightning outside, practice will be held indoors or delayed until the lightning is absent from the area.


  • Wear sunscreen and or a hat, if needed
  • Get a comfortable pair of running shoes and running socks to help prevent blisters
  • Bring a light jacket or rain gear if needed during rainy days