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Student Re-take Policy

For Grammar Tests: Students who earn less than a 70% have an opportunity to retake monthly grammar tests. In order to be eligible for a re-take, the month's grammar warm-ups must be 100% complete in a student's INB. To complete a re-take, a student must sign in to my classroom for one Access period. During the Access period, the student will receive direct instruction from me or a peer. After the review, they will be eligible to re-take the test. The test will have different questions but cover the exact same concepts from the original.


For Writing Assignments: Students who earn less than a 60% (or determined passing score) on a writing assignment have the opportunity to rewrite. A late paper cannot be rewritten, as it is assumed that the reason it was late is due to needing extra time to meet the paper expectations. To submit a re-take, a student must highlight any changes in the document, reprint it, and staple the new version to the original piece/rubric and turn-in by the set re-submission date.

General Information

Mrs. Natalie Kachnowski


Mrs. Natalie Kachnowski

English Department


Classroom Wishlist (Amazon)

If you so choose, you can make a donation to our classroom using the link below to access my Amazon Wishlist. My wishlist consists mostly of books to add to our classroom library, but I also have included items like fidgets, flexible seating, and other items we make use of in our classroom. I update this list based on current needs, as well as items students have requested. Any gift is greatly appreciated and treasured by my students.


Mrs. K's Classroom Wish List

Office Hours and Contact Info

Office Hours:

I can often be reached in my classroom between 7:15-7:30 in the mornings, or after school from 2:40-3:10. Additionally, I can be reached during my planning periods as highlighted below:


1st Period :  7:40am - 8:25am
2nd Period :  8:30am - 9:15am
3rd Period :  9:20am - 10:05am
4th Period :  10:10am - 10:55am
5th Period :  11:00am - 12:15pm
6th Period :  12:20pm - 1:05pm
7th Period :  1:10pm - 1:55pm
Access:        2:00pm - 2:40pm



Contact Information:

My preferred method of communication is via e-mail. I try to respond to all e-mails, as time permits, within school hours. Any emails sent after school or in the evening will get a response the next day.

You may send me an e-mail by clicking the small envelope next to my name below: