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XC Team & Individual Pictures


Who:  All Boy Team Members

When:  Friday, Sept. 13, 2019

Where:  CMJH


Cross Country Locker

Cross Country

CMJHS Boy's Cross Country Coaches

Jonathan Ogg - 475-6120 (ext.#122) -


Kacy Pittman - 475-6120 (ext.#120)


Mike Darlington - 475-6120 (ext.#127)




Cross Country is a TEAM sport that builds confidence, endurance, and success both on the field an in the classroom.  If you give 100% in practice and have a positive attitude, there is nothing you can’t accomplish.  We have a great group of runners that like to work hard and have fun.  I hope you like to run.  If you don’t, this is not the sport for you.  After six weeks in the program, you will be transformed into a trail running machine! 



XC Practice STARTS on Monday, August 13th!



PRACTICE:  Cross Country practice will begin on Monday, August 12th at 3:00pm.  The first practice will be a 30-minute informational and Q&A meeting for BOTH parents and athletes.

Trail runs and practices will start on Tuesday, August 13th.  At least TWO coaches will supervise trail runs and athletes will follow designated routes during each practice.  Students must follow and stay with coaches and athletes during practice.

Practice will begin at 3pm and will end around 4:15pm at the Junior High. 

We will have practice every weekday (M-F), unless we have a meet.  We will run approximately 2-5 miles a day during practice.


YOU MUST have a current physical into the nurse before you can practice with the team.  YOU CANNOT practice with the team until all paperwork is in.  You need 5 practices completed before you are eligible for the first meet.


Athletic Fee:  All sports at Cheyenne Mountain JHS require an athletic fee to participate.  This fee covers bus transportation, officials, etc. for your athlete. The fee is $43, ($21.50 if you are on the reduced lunch program), or (FREE if you get your lunch free through the District).  Please make all CHECKS PAYABLE to Cheyenne Mountain JHS and let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.

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MEETS 2019  (Tentative)



Location of Meet

Host District 

Time of Meet (start)


8/22 - Thursday

Norris Penrose Event Center

D12 - Cheyenne Mnt.



8/28 - Wednesday

Falcon High School 

D49 - Falcon



9/4 - Wednesday

Quail Lake

D2 - Harrison



9/11 - Wednesday

Iron Horse Park

D8 - Fountain-Fort Carson



9/16 - Monday

Red Rock Canyon Open Space

**Not a meet but a training fun run**

3:00pm (volunteers needed!)


9/18 - Wednesday

Metcalf Park

D8 - Fountain-Fort Carson



9/24 - Tuesday

Widefield Parks & Rec

D3 - Widefield



9/28 - Saturday

LEAGUE Meet Championship

Metcalf Park

D8 - Fountain-Fort Carson






Fehringer Ranch Park

Denver, CO

9:30am (bus leaves CMJH at 7:15am)



Stayed tuned to the website for the MOST current schedule.

(****See Directions to CC Meets for driving directions to each meet's location, in document locker below****)


**** Each meet’s course is ~1.5 miles long****


The top 6 fastest runners are called our “A-TEAM.”  The rest of the runners run in the open B-TEAM race.  We encourage parents to attend each meet; if possible, it always helps to run with a cheering section.  If you have one, bring a cell phone to each meet, we never know when meets will end.